Monday, 19 November 2007

Bamboo Circle

As students travel along their journey most of us end up having more than one piece on the go at the same time. There are a number of reasons for this, sometimes it's because we need a break from a very difficult piece, sometimes it's because the larger pieces take so long, or sometimes it's just because we can't control ourselves!!

This piece is very simple which is why I love it, but I've never stitched on metallic fabric before so it's another adventure, below is what it will look like when it's finished.

This piece is worked on a metallic fabric which means that every other weft thread is actually a very thin piece of paper coated with real gold leaf.

This is one of the metallic threads which I've taken from the cut end of the fabric, the measurements on the right are mm.
There are a number of different variations which give different finishes, this is quite a pale gold and has a lovely shimmer.

Selvedge of the fabric showing the metallic threads.

Metallic fabrics are very difficult to work on as the light just bounces off the surface, so I can only work on this during daylight hours because as soon as the lights go on there is just too much glare. So daytime stitching = bamboo circle & evening stitching = iris stream.
This is the top leaf, first I worked a twisted foundation in white and held it down with temporary holding threads, then I made a tracing of the treasures which was tacked over the top of the foundation, then I stitched round the designs with a very thin thread and removed the tracing paper. Next job - take out the temporary holding threads and stitch the little treasures - watch this space ...

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