Friday, 16 November 2007

Hoitsu scroll - Iris and Flowing Stream

This piece was bought for me by one of my best friends (thank you Caroline) quite some time ago. It was a very special gift, and I put off starting it until I had completed all the phase pieces which covered the various techniques needed as I wanted to give it the attention and skill it deserved. I saw the original of this piece at the exhibition last weekend and have finally picked up the courage to start it.

You can't see it in this picture, I'll try and get a better shot, but the fabric has a gold thread used in the weft, it gives a nice shimery surface, perfect for water. In fact it's the same kind of fabric used for Loving Couple, phase 6 (see the gallery). In the forground are iris' and omodaka (not sure what the English name is), the long curved lines travelling behind and above the fowers will eventually form the stream.
As with all Japanese embroidery the foreground is worked first. In the boxchart it says to use 8 strands of padding cotton, I've used two layers of padding as I wanted to make sure the petal stood out, petals slightly behind this one will have only one layer, and the next layer back will have no padding at all. I've also made the second layer of padding end at slightly different places to try and give movement to the petal.

Completed petal stitched with realistic effect. The first layers of stitching are worked with twisted thread and the lighter blue section with flat thread. I had some problems with the flat thread getting the shaping of the petal right so this is about my third try. I got one of the gardening books out and looked at some pictures to get a sense of what I was trying to achieve and then started stitching from the top (in the picture) of the petal and worked towards myself which seemed to work ok.

As with all the pieces I've stitched so far it is designed and distributed by JEC who hold the copyright.


coral-seas said...

Wow, Jane, that first petal is stunning. I really look forward to seeing how you progress with this project - it is very exciting to have you blogging your work.

The scroll has made a lasting impression on me, as it seems it has on you.

I drafted a long comment on your last post but I think the blog gremlins have eaten it!


Jane said...

Thanks for the comments. Those blog gremlins get everywhere don't they!

Lizzie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Jane! I rarely seem to stitch these days, but at least I'm finishing the most demanding and time consuming of my jobs soon and can have more time for the pleasant things in life.

I love Japanese embroidery with the simple, but very beautiful designs and the shimmering silks. I intend to have a go at that type of work, but I know I don't have the patience to do it properly!!!

Keep up the good work, it's lovely!

Lizzie said...
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Rebekah said...

It already looks great. I can not wait to see the finshed product.

I love all your pictures. I have been interested in Japenese Embroidery for awhile but have never had the guts or opportunity to start.

I can not wait to see more of what you do.

eva said...

It looks so perfect and clean! I wonder HOW on earth is someone capable of embroidering like that!
I just get enormous amount of inspiration and challenge every time I see your work!
Thank You!

PS Can I add your blog link to mine?

Jane said...

Hi Eva, not sure if I contacted you about this elsewhere but I'd be very happy for you to add a link.

D1-D2 said...

Hi Jane

I just stumbled on your blog and I'm having fun going thru all the posts :)

I always wondered, does the fabric come with the drawing done or do you have to draw it on the fabric before you start embroidering?


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