Thursday, 22 November 2007

Iris Stream

Well things are going quite well with the iris stream, I've completed the main iris and some of the leaves.
The iris' are worked with a mix of twisted and flat silk. The long centre petals use flat silk but I've only padded the centre one. Not sure if perhaps I should also have padded the one on the right, hmm.

On the box chart that comes with most of the designs from JEC we get details on the techniques to use for each section, what thickness of thread or padding to use, and a few other details. What I'm finding with these more advanced designs is that the instructions are not so detailed, which is the point I suppose, as we advance we are supposed to work things out for ourselves.

The late Master Saito wrote about stitching from the heart not just with the hands, and also about getting the sense of a flower rather than an exact representation. "The hands are the exit of the spirit." So despite being a bit unsure about where I'd put the padding on this iris I decided to trust my instincts and stitch what I felt. Looking at it now I think I've done the right thing, I can see this iris in my garden, well not now as it's too cold and wet but as I remember it from the summer.


coral-seas said...

It is looking really good, Jane. IMHO you were right not to pad the right hand petal, in the full view pic, the center petal appears to becoming forward which I think it should.

How are you finding the metallic fabric?


Jane said...

I'm ok with this fabric, it's much less solid than the fabric for bamboo circle, and it's the same as is used for Loving Couple so I've used it before. The proper metallic fabric is a different expericene though, like stitiching though card! How did you find it in class?

coral-seas said...

I think that the fabric for Bridge is the same as for Loving Couple. I found it ok, very forgiving and the silk closes nicely if you remove stitches. The stands of gold give a lovely sparkle, how fabulous would this look made up into a garment, glinting when you move?


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