Monday, 12 November 2007

Visit to the exhibition

Well, all I can say is if you can make it to Cambridge before the 18th November 2007 and you are interested in embroidery you should go. It takes me about 3 hours to get to Cambridge and it was worth every minute, in fact having seen the work I'd have driven twice that far to see it.
I know the word AWESOME has become to be used for things that aren't really and it has lost some of it's meaning, but some of the work on display is truly awesome.
I can't begin to describe in words just how beautiful these works of art are (and anyone who says embroidery isn't an art should go along just to see how wrong they are!!). Sadly I can't use pictures either, photographs aren't allowed and the CD of the exhibition isn't ready yet. Copies can be ordered when visiting.

This is a piece I stitched called 'Forest Wisdom' designed by JEC and which is on display at the exhibition. I wouldn't describe these as awesome, but they are very cute.
There are a number of pieces which have made a big impression but it's far too long a list to go into without pictures to explain why. However, Flower Screen stitched by Monique a French student (whose surname I can't remember, sorry Monique) was just lovely. Four long thin pieces of silk are stitched with a number of different flowers on each, not in a pattern, but as a study of the plant itself. An equivalent of our western botanical paintings.
And the Hoitsu Scroll, in fact four scrolls stitched by the professional embroiderers at Kurenai-kai, which will haunt me forever (in a good way). Each section represents one of the four seasons and is stitched with flowers, plants, birds, and insects appropriate to that season.

I'm hoping that when the CD comes out JEC will give permission for me to show one or two pieces here. Watch this space ...

During the weekend I attended a dinner arranged by JEC for all the members of Kurenai-kai and JEC. It was lovely to meet so many different embroiderers from all over the world. Even more lovely was to win one of the raffle prizes, this lovely embroidery stitched by Saito san, one of the professional embroiderers from Kurenai-kai. It's called The Seven Flowers of Autumn - Arrowroot.

Close up of one of the arrowroot leaves.

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beruta said...

wow! these leaves are soooo beautiful!

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