Saturday, 3 November 2007

The Way of Embroidery

The stitiching group that I'm a part of meets for classes twice a year for a whole week, and from day one part of my enjoyment was being able to take time to watch more advanced students stitch, study their work, and talk to them about their stitching journey. Without fail they, and our tutors, have been supportive and understanding of a beginners struggles and a comment so often heard is 'I understand it was like that for me too'. At our last class in October I suddenly came to realise that I was one of those advanced stitchers and I was saying the same to newer students. Now how did that happen? It doesn't seem two minutes since I was struggling with my first piece (or indeed my last piece!). In various conversations during the week it occured to me how much more there is to learn, colour and design are two things that I want to learn more about, and although my stitching has improved beyond what I ever dreamed possible four years ago I still consider myself as a beginner in many ways. I've resurected this blog to track my journey along the my path of nuido (the way of embroidery), I hope you find it interesting and encouraging and that other students of traditional Japanese embroidery will chip in with their comments and experiences as well. If you'd like information on classes, history of Japanese embroidery, or just want to look at lots of pretty pictures check out the links to other Japanese embroidery sites.


coral-seas said...

Great to have you blogging your own work Jane. I really admire your stitching and appreciate all the addition information you share with us. If I remember rightly, you were working on Venerable Friends during my first time at Bo'mo. I so admired your work and could not imagine ever being able to master the techniques you were learning then. I hardly dared think beyond Phase III. Now here am I stitching my own Venerable Friends and beginning to aspire to some of the techniques that lay ahead.
I don't think there are many blogs about Japanese Embroidery. Perhaps between us we can encourage a few more to share their wonderful talents in blogland.

cell said...

a good read.

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