Monday, 3 December 2007

Hoitsu scroll - summer

Progress continues. I've not managed to do much stitching over the last week or so, but I have made some progress. I've finished the small omodaka flowers, except for the stem which I'll do later.
The petals of the omodaka are padded with 8 strands of padding cotton. This picture isn't very clear, but you can just about make out the padding cotton. When padding small petals like these only the top third of the petal is padded. The same is true when padding cherry or plum blossom petals.
I first stitched the omodaka buds with no padding at all but decided that they needed more shape so added one layer of self padding, decided that it needed still more shape, so took it all out and used two layers of padding, can't really get more than this in as the buds are very small.

The stream is worked with one strand of silk in random realistic effect. As one strand isn't very thick it'll take some time to work, but I think it's already adding to the look of the piece. I'll break up working on the stream by finishing off the other sections like the leaf veins and omodaka stem.

Hoitsu scroll - summer
Originally uploaded by Nejiribana


coral-seas said...

"Lush" omodaka buds :)

This is so lovely. I really like the subtle colour changes in the leaves.


eva said...

Thank You for so detailed overview. Me too, I just can`t embroider with artificial light. If I can, I avoid it. I only work with familiar patterns and colors.

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