Friday, 28 December 2007

Bamboo Circle - twisted foundation

Well, this metallic fabric is causing me to pause in my journey and to go back to my notes from previous pieces quite a lot. I'm finding this both frustrating and interesting in equal measure as it is slowing the progress but I am coming across notes that I'd forgotten I'd made, this twisted foundation is a perfect example.
Stitching a basic twisted foundation is one of the first techniques we learn in Japanese embroidery so you'd think that by this time it would be second nature and I wouldn't have to think about it, and so it was, up to a point! I twisted my thread, making sure I twisted up enough lengths and that all the twists were even, I stitched the foundation and put in a temporary holding thread, worked the stitched paper preparation, removed the paper and started work on the treasures.

Let me backtrack a moment, Stitched Paper Preparation, this is a technique we use when over stitching motifs onto a foundation. Short explanation (for a detailed explanation see the JEC text book), the foundation is stitched, a tracing of the motifs is tacked over the top, the outlines are stitched, the paper is removed and we are left with an outline to work to.

This is my first attempt, I've stitched round all the treasures, and in the picture below have started to remove the paper. At this point I was wondering if the foundation was correct, as you can see below spaces have started to appear in the foundation.

I decided to continue and see what happened, but it quickly became obvious that the foundation just wasn't firm enough to support the motifs being stitched over the top. So out came the notebook as I went back to the notes I'd made the first time I'd used this technique, and there was a note I'd made saying that when working this technique make sure the foundation is worked closer together than a normal foundation.

At that point I decided to cut my losses, take the whole thing out and start again! The time however wasn't wasted, I'd given myself more practice working on this metallic fabric and seen how it affects the stitching, I've reminded myself of something I'd learned early on and which I now won't forget again, and I've ended up with a much nicer foundation onto which I can stitch my treasures.

So my journey continues, travelling backwards and forwards along the path of nuido, but slowly, slowly making progress.

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eva said...

I like how you consciously learn from your mistakes and pay attention to details what are yet to be learned. Thank You, You are great inspiration to me!

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