Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Make my Day award

A few days agp this blog was nominated for a 'make my day' award by both Paula from The Beauty of Life and Carol from Threads Across the Web. Thank you to both of them, it's nice to know that there are artists out there who appreciate the amount of time and effor it takes to produce some of this work.

I've had a think about who to pass this award onto and here's the list in no particular order, I couldn't decide on 10, so I put a in a few more:

  1. The Beauty of Life - "The Beauty of Life is a reference to a lecture given by William Morris in 1880. His golden rule: “Have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” is a rule by which I aspire to live."

  2. Threads Across the Web - Carol-Anne is one of my Japanese embroidery colleagues

  3. Mboogiedown: Japan - The adventures of an American JET, stranded between nowhere and somewhere, Gifu, Japan.
  4. Kimono and Kitsuke - Fun with kimono, kitsuke some art & theater
  5. Clues for the Clueless - Michael raises his own silkworms and spins his own silk which he then used for weaving
  6. Sew in Love - Known stitchcraft addict with financially hazardous thread fetish.
  7. Crazy Here and Now - WELCOME to the place where I share what's happening in my "crazy" life... my fabric-fiber fetish, sane & crazy quilting attempts, photographs and some of the things that we do UP here in the northwoods of Michigan.
  8. Lucky Kate Crafts - Designer and maker based in Rutland, UK
  9. Poppalina - Shula and Mym are a mother/daughter team from Melbourne who love to make things out of fabric and yarn.
  10. Crasy Daisy - A collection of images that inspire me, the textile work I enjoy making and links to things I have enjoyed.
  11. Hand Embroidered Goodness - Graduate of the Royal School of Needlework. I love to create unique, hand embroidered jewellery
  12. Lady Jane's Journal - After 12 years of making costumes professionally I now freelance making historical reproduction clothing and costumes. I enjoy several other creative activities including embroidery, lace making, and patchwork.
  13. Life, Needlework and Everything - I love all kinds of needlework. At one time I did many cross stitch reproduction samplers, then I moved on to other stitches, threads and even needlepoint pillows. Now I'm in love with stumpwork and silk threads and I'm moving away from kits to try my own designs.
  14. Red Thread Studio - This is a blog about global textile traditions and techniques, fabrics and fashions of the future that are organic, sustainable, functional and innovative, and textile art and artists.

Enjoy :-)


Margaret said...

Thanks so much for your nomination. I love your list which includes many of the people I 'know' online. I wonder, if we took these lists, could we create a six degrees of separation list for needleworkers?
Well, now I have several new blogs to add to my Google Reader list!

Christine said...

Jane, thanks for the nomination for the Make My Day award. I recognise a lot of those blogs too, LOL. To answer your question, yes I do think cats are drawn to creative people, very much so. For me cats are curious and thoughtful, while dogs just race around yapping and slobbering ! Can you tell I've always had a cat, even when my mother had a small dog as well I had a very patient cat, used to dress her up and put her in my dolls pram ! Not many dogs will allow that, only those that think they are a cat, LOL. I love your Japanese embroidery, I know a couple of ladies at our Embroiderers' Guild who are taking classes and are quite advanced. It looks very precise and so detailed, not sure if I could handle the silk though. Will add you to my Google Reader list,
Christine in sunny Sydney Australia

Melissa said...

I, too, would like to thank you for the nomination. It made my day! \(^_^)/ I look forward to checking out some of your other award-winning blogs, and passing the happiness on to some of my favorite reads!

Anonymous said...

Jane- Thankyou for the nomination! This award is a great way of discovering new interesting blogs!

lucykate crafts... said...

hi, many thanks for the nomination, i'm very touched you though of me : )

JANE said...

To Jane from Jane, Thanking you from afar for your thoughtfulness for including me in your Make My Day list. I am totally impressed with the beauty of your work and am tickled that you would include me and my "folk art" ways of embroidery. LOL Thanks for introducing us all!

Mandy said...

Thanks for my nomination. It really made my day!
What wonderful sites you have nomiated. I feel honoured for my site to be found amongst them.

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