Saturday, 22 March 2008

Bamboo Circle finished (nearly)

Well I've managed another few hours of stitching this week and Bamboo Circle is nearly finished.
In the last post I said I'd try and get a better picture of the plum blossoms and here it is, think they look quite pretty now they are all done.
So here we go Bamboo Circle in all it's glory, well nearly!! Missing from this photo, but I have stitched it, is the bamboo which you can just see on the right of the design. There are another two sections of bamboo which go round the bottom of the design. Then the only thing left was the over stitching on the cord, got about half of it done and then ran out of #1 gold, how annoying. Oh well, dashed off a quick email to my tutor with an order for some more so I'll just have to wait until it arrives to finish off the cord.


Jane said...

Hi Jane, It's been awhile since I stopped in to view your work.. so astoundingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing it and allowing me to pop in and see what you're doing! I'm wondering what you'll do next after your Bamboo Circle?

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! I am watching with interest to see phase 9

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