Thursday, 10 April 2008

Making beautiful mistakes

One of the sayings we have in our school of Japanese embroidery is "The hands are the exit of the spirit", this saying was coined by the late Master Saito and it has always spoken to me deeply. I was never great at creating/drawing/writing beautiful things but always felt that there was some kind of creativity in here somewhere. Now, having discovered Japanese embroidery, I feel that my hands have an outlet to express the spirit that is inside this fairly plain, 40 something exterior. I am absolutely the worst critic of my own work (and myself!), but I've just been reading a post over on SweetPersimmon, a blog about Tea Ceremony and related thoughts that I visit regularly, which fits in beautifully with my philosophy of Japanese embroidery, and which I think I ought to expand to life in general. There are two lines in particular which I feel fit with the quote above and which I'd like to share here - "Making mistakes are other opportunities for learning and growing." and "If you are going to make a mistake, make it beautifully." I think I should fill a whole pad of sticky notes with these sayings and the one from Master Saito and stick them all over the house and office. I'll certainly write them in my notebook and think about them when I'm fretting over one or other piece of stitching (or life in general). The full post is called 'It's not about perfection' and you can read it here, I think you'll enjoy it. Well, this post didn't end up quite the way I'd intended, but that's part of the fun of blogging isn't it?


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this. When Tom was three he had a toilet training accident, and look up at his father (who was less than impressed to be cleaning it up) and said 'mistakes is how you learn things'. not quite as lyrical as master Saito, but it is one of our family sayings now.

Sweetpersimmon said...

Hello Jane,
I am so glad someone is getting something from reading my blog. Thank you for referring to me. I do love your work and anyone who sees it knows you are not plain at all but a beautiful spirit.


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