Monday, 7 April 2008

Plum blossoms in the snow

Yesterday as I sat and stitched it was snowing quite hard, and although it didn't last very long, it was very pretty. I was working on the plum blossoms on treasure ship, which unlike the snow haven't faded away, but have grown and settled and are now here forever.

The petals are padded with a mix of padding cotton and self padding. The section with the tiny little dots is where I've started of finished off the thread, these little dots will be covered by real gold thread which will form the handle of the broom (the yellow silk).

Here are all the blossoms completed. This photo gives a better idea of the shape of the broom.

These plum blossoms don't have stamens and pollen in this design. So all that was needed to finish this section was to put in the plum branches which were worked in a twisted 2-1 thread.


coral-seas said...

That soft pink looks stunning on the black background and your have stitched them so beautifully.

On Saturday, as I stitched, I had to open the patio door because I was so hot in the spring sunshine. I could not believe the difference on Sunday with snow on the ground!


Jane said...

Thanks, I'm very pleased with these. They were stitched with 1.5flat and I went down a needle size and used a #7.

Silly weather isn't it, no snow today, but damp.

Jackie said...

Looks beautiful Jane, it is coming on a treat


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