Monday, 28 April 2008

Treasure Ship

I wrote in an earlier post about a Perfect Stitching Day, well the last week has been the opposite!!

Japanese embroidery demands a great deal of practice and patience, and even after almost five years of practice and patience there are times when my stitching isn't as good as I would like it to be. My fellow student Carol-Ann has written about the routine she goes through before she starts to stitch, well I go through a similar routine, it helps to settle my mind and prepare me for a number of hours of strict concentration.
At the JEC and Kurenai-kai both students and professional stitchers start their stitching day with a few minutes of meditation. In the last week I'm not sure that even this would have helped settle me into the right frame of mind for stitching, and even though I did a little work on the Beginning of Spring it was just rubbish and out it all came again (I'm not simply talking about stitching which wasn't perfect but stitching that was just horrid).

Anyway, I'm pleased to say that everything has settled down again and I'm back to stitching Treasure Ship. The photo below is of the edge of the ship, the edge is formed from padding cotton which is twisted and then couched tightly down and covered with flat silk worked in a diagonal layer.

The vertical lines are temporary holding, they hold the twisted thread in place while stitching is worked over the top.

For the thick lines along the length of the ship more padding is worked. This is the same thickness as the padding round the edge but instead of being twisted and then couched is it couched so it it much flatter. Once the padding was in I removed the temporary holding and then covered the padding with flat orange silk in a diagonal stitch.

To finish the ship diagonal lines are worked on each plank, still have some more to go on here, but I feel I've done enough for now, so I'm not going to push it.

And last, a quick picture of what I've done so far. It's starting to take shape and I've really enjoyed working the ship section. It was nice easy stitching, using simple techniques (although I did have to put a call into my sensei for a bit of help, thanks Margaret), and it's eased me back into the routine of stitching after a week away.

I've got a few days holiday this week, so am planning to spend them working on more of treasure ship, now I'm back on form I'm sure there will be more posts later this week.

I've not been completely idle for the last week - have made some more jackets and posted them on my Etsy shop -


Jane said...

Hi Jane, I enjoyed reading your posts and the linls you gave... your work is lovely as always!

Sweetpersimmon said...

I think your work is lovely and the good thing about stitching is that you can take it out and do it over again. Unfortunately for tea ceremony, we don't have do overs, so those bad days when nothing seems to go right we just have to keep moving forward. I really like how you show the progress of the pieces you are working on. It looks like magic to me.


coral-seas said...

Ah, you see you tempted fate by telling how well things were going. He could not help himself by put a spanner in the works. Still, his attention is soon diverted to some other poor unsuspecting soul.

It looks to me like you are making good progress with your treasure ship. I know you have a long way to go, but as long as you are progressing the end gets nearer.


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