Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Little progress

Well it's been nearly two weeks since I put needle to fabric and longer than that since the last post. I tend not to post on a regular basis anyway because the embroidery takes so long to do. However not putting needle to fabric is most unlike me, I'm almost obsessive about my stitching (the only part of my life that I am am obsessive about), and I feel quite sad if I'm not able to stitch.

The last two weeks however have been a different story, I contracted an inner ear infection and have spent the best part of the last two weeks unable to stand upright or see straight (and we won't go into the nausea side of things!). It was horrid, I'm on the mend now and am able to stand upright and read (for a couple of hours anyway) but I'm still staying away from the stitching. My fingers are itching to get back, but the dizziness is still with me a bit so anything I do will probably have to come out again so it's not worth it.

Over the last couple of days I finally got round to looking at all the recent emails that had come in and saw I had a number about comments left on my blog. Thank you to all who left comments, if I could have read them last week they'd have really cheered me up, but never mind they made my day when I did read them.

Before I was felled by the ear infection I decided I needed a break from Treasure Ship and went back to Spring Kimono. I started work on the Valerian flowers, I've seen these worked in slightly different ways - they always seem to be worked in flat silk with knots on the top, but the grid isn't always worked. I decided that I would put the grid on these even though they are very small. The space between the lines of the grid is 2mm.

Next I worked knots over the top.

Then I stitched the stems and grasses and put in the grid in the bend of the tree trunk with twisted gold thread. I decided to remove some other elements of the design, the design covers quite a small area and I decided it looked too fussy with all the other bits in.

I also had a re-think about the tree. Originally I wasn't sure if this was supposed to be a weeping cherry or willow tree - the original design I adapted this from was only a line drawing so had no colour to guide me. I decided that I'd make it a cherry and had started putting in small pink blossoms, but the more I did the more it didn't seem to work. I'm not a gardener and don't know much about plants, but I did a search on Valerian and discovered that it's flowering season is July - September, long after cherry blossom season.

So out came the pink, I changed the tree back to a willow in my head, and in went some nice green leaves. This worked much better and I'm very happy with the design now. I should be able to finish it over next weekend as only the leaves and a little bit of the edging are left to be completed (the horizontal blob on the right sleeve is a stray piece of thread).

I'm very happy with how this has come out and it has given me some good ideas for stitching more using the same format. I'll try and show the colours better in the next post about this piece. I'll certainly be doing some more to sell in my Etsy shop, hopefully they'll sell well and will help to support my Japanese embroidery habit!!


Ribbonwiz said...

Your embroidery is just beautiful.
I love your kimonos, I can truly appreciate all the hours you spend your embroideries.

Anonymous said...

poor you! I had an inner ear infection last year - i could not believe how sick i was. i could hardly move for days (certainly not stitch/read or even watch TV) so Im glad you are feeling better. oh and your embroidery is beautiful, as ever!

coral-seas said...

Jane, sorry to hear that you have been so poorly, I how you are soon back at the frame :)

I love this little kimono, the design is very graceful. It looks like willow to me.

Jackie said...

Hi Jane

Sorry to hear you have been sick, hope you get better really quickly. Just wanted to say that your kimono is truly beautiful, and makes me want to do one too.

Happy stitching.


Sweetpersimmon said...

Dear Jane,
So sorry to hear that you've been sick. I have been under the weather myself. Must be because the big events in Seattle are over. Please get well and back to stitching soon.


Elisabeth Braun said...

Sorry to hear you've been poorly. I know how that feels and how it negatively impacts on your stitching time!=(

Your kimono is looking glorious. I must try a design like that, only it won't be as professional as yours!!=)

Jane said...

Thank you all so much for your kind wishes, it is so nice to have so many good thoughts coming from all over cyberspace.
Have been out today for the first time in a fortnight, quite a treat!

Thank you again for your kindness.

Anonymous said...

Jane Glad you are feeling better and I love your Kimino your stitching lovely have a good day and I will talk to you soon Love Sue XX

Love to Stitch 99 said...

Hi Jane,

You have really been through the ringer, haven't you? It makes me happy to see that you are now starting to feel a bit better.

I love what you have done to the kimono. It looks really good.

Pierrette =^..^=

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