Tuesday, 3 June 2008

I'm back - hooray, hooray, hooray

First of all I must say another big thank you to everyone who has sent messages wishing me well over the last few weeks. It really has been much appreciated and quite cheered me up.

And now - I am back to stitching - fanfare!!! I have lots of tans (bolts) of kimono silk which I've been making up into jackets to sell, this is one I decided to keep.
Check out the others on www.nejiribana.etsy.com

But what to do with the left over design?? Well make it into an embroidery of course! Because the design is just an outline it acts just like a transfer - just have to decide on colours and stitch up to the lines.

This is the left over piece from the tan I used to make the jacket above. So I decided to have a go at stitching it to ease back into stitching. Onto the frame it went, I chose some colours and started to stitch. The stitching is not as good as it could be, but I am very pleased as it is over four weeks since I picked up a needle.

Because it is on black fabric I chose three shades of a bright green for the leaves. They will all be stitched with flat silk, using different angles for each, that way the light will catch each one differently and make it look more interesting.

For the chrysanthemums the I chose the brightest orange I could find and a pale mauve for a contrast, both with bright yellow centres.

A nice way to ease back into the stitching, I am going to enjoy this piece and once it is completed (which won't take long, it is not as big as it looks) I will be ready to go back to treasure ship.

Check out details of Japan Day 2008 - Liverpool 19th July - on the other blog


Heather said...

Oh my! So gorgeous! I will be back on a regular basis : )

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back and stitching. I have just been to our Emb, Guild and seen some phase 2 and 3 Japanese embroidery in real life. I am in awe. I can now imagine what your look like for real

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