Tuesday, 10 June 2008

A productive few days

Well I've had a very productive and successful few days, made my first sale on Etsy of one of my made to order silk jackets, made it up and sent it off, made some handbags from vintage obi and put them in the Etsy shop, and made more progress on the peony embroidery. Perhaps it is the sunny weather and long days, or maybe I am just making up for being out of action for so long!!

Anyway, first the peony, I had decided that I would stitch the two peonies in two different colour ways, one a solid shade and one variegated. I looked at a lot of photos of peonies to get an idea of colour but it is still difficult for me to tell how the colour of the silk will be affected when stitching onto a black background. I asked my tutor to advise on colours and after an exchange of emails she sent me the colours I was missing and I started stitching.

I put a little padding on some of the front petals on both blooms and used a random realistic technique over the top. This technique is one we learn in phase 7, check out our gallery of Japanese embroidery (www.nuido.org.uk/) for photos of the phase pieces.

Stamens have been stitched in #1 shell gold, this is a gold thread which incorporates some other colours (pinks, blues, oranges). I thought it would add a bit more shine, unfortunately it does not show up well in this photo. The pollen is a knot of very light yellow.

Second peony, worked in the same way as the first one, but in one fabulous shade of pink, a very bright fuchsia, or more accurately peony, pink.

Progress so far - the colours are a bit washed out, they are much brighter in real life :-o It is difficult to get a good colour contrast with the black background - does anyone out there have any tips for getting a good colour contrast with a black background?

Quick photos of the three handbags I've made from vintage obi - guess which one is my favourite?


Christine said...

Jane, today I thought of you at the Craft and Quilt Fair here in Sydney. They have an exquisite exhibition of Japanese textile art, both traditional and contemporary embroidery, curated by the Japanese Handicraft Instructors' Association. It's never been outside of Japan before, so we are very lucky. Wish I could take photos to show you the beautiful work on display.

coral-seas said...

So pleased that you are obviously feeling much better now. The embroidery on the peonies is stunning, you really have mastered realistic long and short.

Congratulations on your first sale, may it be the first of many. Looking at those gorgeous bags, I think it may be.


Elisabeth Braun said...

Oh, whimper-whimper, those peonies are glorious! I love your work!=)

Great to hear of your 1st Etsy sale. I'm hoping to break into Etsy selling myself one of these days with little purses made from fabrics and trimmings I bought in Taiwan. Yup, will blog showcase first in the hope of tempting folk....

Keep up the good work.

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