Sunday, 17 August 2008

Rain washes up more treasure

As with most of the UK we in the NW have been suffering from yet more wet weather this weekend. Had a few nice hours but then the heavens opened again and down it came, I really don't know where it is all coming from. In any case it didn't stop me stitching so it really didn't matter. I decided I would do some more goldwork so have done some work on the pines and fan. The black and gold clouds on the fan are worked in a twisted black and #1 gold thread and they require short stitch holding to keep them in place. First I completed that and then I edged the fan with #4 gold.

The blue edge on the fan represents the outer fan stick, the lines on the handle of the fan represent the edges of the other fan sticks. I wanted to make these a little different to the clouds and the other edges so I worked them in two lines of #1 twisted gold. After finishing the fan I went back to some of the pines. First I completed the veins on the leaves then couched #3 gold round the bottom of the leaves.

Starting on the outside edge the gold is couched round and round until the top and bottom of the shape touch. As this point the middle of the round shape is filled in, the gold is finished off and the couching starts again on the next shape.

By the time I'd done the top two pines I'd had enough of couching so I packed it in at that point, but I am very pleased with how they are looking.

1 comment:

Monica said...

Absolutely amazing! You do beautiful work!

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