Sunday, 21 September 2008

And suddenly as if by magic ...

First take a piece of kimono silk. Think about some colours and techniques and exchange emails with your tutor for some advice on colours, then start to stitch. Then stitch some more ... ... and a little bit more ... ... and a little bit more ... and suddenly, as if by magic (well some 50 hours of stitching later), a lovely bunch of flowers have arrived in my front room!

This has been an interesting piece to stitch, kind of half way between creating a full design from scratch and stitching a pre-designed piece. I have enjoyed figuring out colours and techniques and have learned quite a lot, about what both works and what doesn't.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Iris and treasure

One of the pieces which has been in my 'to stitch' folder for a while was this design of iris' and stepping stones. It caught my eye because of the interesting fabric it was on. It is quite a loose weave with interesting woven patterns some of which seem to represent water and some geometrical patterns. I decided to frame it up last week to have it as 'light relief' from Treasure Ship (which is going on slowly but surely). The plan was to work most of the design in a line of staggered diagonals and a few of the leaves and the main flower in diagonal layer. It took me a while to get used to working on such open weave and after I'd worked a few of the leaves and one of the flowers I wasn't sure if what I had planed was working. So a few emails back and forth for some opinions and guidance it was decided to include fuzzy effect as well. So here is the first of the flowers worked with a line of staggered diagonals and filled in with fuzzy effect. There is another iris behind this one which I am going to work just as an outline.

A close up of the main petal from the iris above. You can see from this photos just how open the weave is.

The start of the main iris and some leaves worked with one strand of flat silk in diagonal or weft layer.

I'm finding it much easier to work on this fabric now. It's a bit odd though, the normal tension we would put on the silk is too much for this fabric and it pulls the warp and weft threads out of place, so I've had to get used to not pulling the thread as much as I would normally. However it all seems to be working out now and I'm very pleased with how it is going.

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