Friday, 10 October 2008

Braided Chrysanthemum - the beginning

Wow, this is my 50th post, that crept up on me a bit. Happy Blogging to us all. This is the start of a new piece, Braided Chrysanthemum, you can see the original here on the JEC site - second row first on the left. I saw this on the Kurenai-kai site and just fell in love with it. The pictures here don't do the colour of the fabric which is a wonderful rich red. Each of the petals of this big spider chrysanthemum is formed either by a braid or diagonal layer. The size of the piece doesn't really come across in the photo here, but the flower goes almost from side to side of the fabric (about 30cm) and is about the same from the top petal to the bottom petal. This piece isn't either a phase piece or a practice piece, it comes from an obi design, so there were no instructions with this when it arrived just a colour picture, a design sheet, and a list of colours. If you've been to look at the original you'll notice that on this picture there is no blue dyed section in the centre of the flower. I was very disappointed by this when it first arrived, and really quite upset as I loved the original so much. However I was busy with Iris Stream and Treasure Ship, so I put my disappointment aside, put it in the 'to do' folder and tried not to think about it.

Having completed Iris Stream and with my stitching week in Bournemouth coming up I thought that I'd go back to this one and frame it up so I could sort out the colours when there. I also started doing some outlining of the petals, this helps support the cords during the stitching process.

Actually when I took this out of the folder to frame it up I decided I rather liked it without the blue section in the centre of the flower. So all turned out ok. I may decide to put some blue in with fuzzy effect once all the rest is stitched. Only time will tell. I always enjoy choosing colours but I haven't yet developed the skill of my tutor for putting colours together. So this is how we came up with a new colour scheme, first I placed onto the fabric a tube each of the colour scheme sent by JEC. Then I got out colours I liked and/or brighter versions of the original colours. Then they all went back again and I got out wild and wonderful colours, including the bright green I used on Himotabe below (which strangely seemed to work with the red) but I wasn't convinced. Enter Sensei Margaret stage left to save the day. After swapping colours around for a while we kept some of the colours I choose (including the green), added a couple of new ones, and kept a couple of the originals. I'm not going to share the final colour scheme with you here - it will be revealed over time. You can be sure that it'll be very bright and I think will make Himotabe quite dull!! Following the previous post about the copyright problems JEC are having. I'm not going to include links on any of the photographs on this blog any more (plus I'll be going back to take the others out). This means that it will no longer be possible to download any photos from here. Sorry, but I feel very strongly about this copyright issue. However, if any JE student out there would like a copy of a photo for reference when they are working on a piece I'll be happy to send a copy over - just drop me an email.

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Elmsley Rose said...

I love the colour scheme in the last photo - so I assume the final one is even more beautiful!

I'm looking forward to watching the piece grow

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