Sunday, 12 October 2008

Braided Chrysanthemum - what colours where

I've not been doing much stitching since I got back from Bournemouth. After five days of intense stitching I always seem to need some time away from it to gather my thoughts. Over the weekend I spent a few hours doing some planning on the chrysanthemum. As I changed the colours from the original it is not now possible to use the colour picture as a guide for stitching, so I decided to get out the felt tips and do some colouring in. I wanted to make sure that I didn't end up with too many petals of the same colour or with all the same colours in one section.

Version one

The petals which were white on the original I decided to leave white, so I marked them and then coloured the rest in. There is also a light blue in here, but I only had a light blue pencil rather than a felt tip, so it doesn't show up very well.

Version two

Then I did a second version just for some variation. Then I thought what would it look like if I used one of the colours more that the others (well I suppose that should be two colours, since the white petals are a colour as well of course), and so we have version three.

Version three

I think I've pretty much discounted version three, or at least in this colour way. The colours don't look the same on the white paper as they will on the red silk of course, perhaps when I actually put thread to fabric I'll change my mind.

No work next weekend so I'll be able to get some stitching done and will hopefully have an update on this and Treasure Ship.


coral-seas said...

Wow Jane, you have a really bold sense of colour. I'm not going to say which version I think because I'm just not good with colour.

I found it really useful to colour in copies of the flutterbys. I can't really see the light blue in the photo's so the white looks disproportionate to the other colours.

I'm looking forward to seeing this piece evolve.

Elisabeth Braun said...

I think version 2 has my vote. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with it.=)

Heather said...

I like version 2 as well as the third one! I'm a big fan of that chartreuse-y green with red - it really pops, as will white, so it it will be much more balanced when on the red fabric. But ocourse everyone's computer screen is different! I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

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