Thursday, 26 March 2009

Talk on Japanese Embroidery

Just a short post today, as you may remember I am a member of the Japan Society North West. The society runs a number of events throughout the year and on 19th April 2009 yours truly will be giving a talk on traditional Japanese embroidery. You can find all the information here on the JSNW website, along with details of all our other events. Why not come along and say hello.


coral-seas said...

Cooh! they are in for a treat. I know that you are a wealth of information and have some truely beautiful embroideries to show them.

Hope you enjoy it as much as they will.


Elizabeth Braun said...

Sounds interesting!=)

Re the Etsy pricing, I think the key could be to make the piece small and simple enough for it to be fair to both parties to price realistically. The trouble can be that, if people under-price, it can lead to general under-pricing and making it harder for those to who do price higher and fully reimburse themselves for the work to get the figure they ask. It's even harder when you see things that you know will have taken some poor soul a few hours to make being sold in a gift shop for a couple of quid.=(

Plays with Needles said...

I wish I could -- would love to hear you. And I just might take you up on your offer of the embroidery tour at the Royal School if I ever make it to the UK.

Good luck on your lecture!

kitkabbit said...

ohhh. congrats! what a honor to be considered expert enough to be asked to give a talk!!! WONDERFUL success!

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