Thursday, 2 April 2009

Another piece completed and one to be scrapped

Had another couple of hours stitching on the small plum blossoms design and managed to finish it off. A number of plum trees I saw when I was in Japan had two colour blossoms on the same tree so I did the same here.
Each of the blossoms is about an inch across so the whole thing is only about 8 inches across. I enjoyed stitching this piece and will probably do it again.
I promised a photo of the Golden Butterfly yesterday. This is what I've done so far.
I have no formal design training and don't draw very well, so a lot of the planning of designs and colour schemes goes on in my head. This is probably a very inefficient way of going about things and I think I will have to find some night classes to learn some new skills. Sometimes I get a very strong image in my head and the design just flows, this one however isn't. I can see what I want but just can't translate it onto the silk. So for the moment this design is being scrapped.


Elmsley Rose said...

but it's beautiful!

Tho I know you have to be happy, I'll mourn it.

Elizabeth Braun said...

I think it's going just fine!

Design is often largely in the head, so don't worry about your methods. The design work I'm doing with C&G often is just doing a piece of artwork then translating it into stitch. The 2 often bear little resemblance to each other and no-one is told 'You've missed a stage', so sounds rather like your method.=)

Susie said...

Jane, your work just continues to amaze me, just exquisite!

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