Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The light at the end of the tunnel ...

... has arrived and its name is ... Treasure Ship

It only took 329.75 hours. Next job - a large gin :-)

Friday, 1 May 2009

15 down, 1 to go (nearly)

In my last post about Treasure Ship I said I was going to concentrate on small areas at a time so the sheer size of the thing didn't put me off now we're into the last stretch. I even said that I wasn't going to uncover sections I wasn't working on, not even to take photos. Well the first bit worked, but tonight I gave in to temptation uncovered the whole thing to take a look. So I took some photos and decided to share. This is my favorite section, I love the plum blossoms. The technique is simple but very effective and, even though gold work is my least favorite technique to stitch, I really enjoyed the gold twiggy bits over the silk foundation for the broom which were lots of fun. There is still a bit of shippo to work on this section, just above the plums. I've completed most of the shippo and pines. There are 16 pines on TS, most of the pines have now got their foundation (only 1 to go), so just veins and then the gold bases to complete.

There are a few more snow crystals to complete and a bit of rigging, but we're nearly there. The light at the end of the tunnel is starting to flicker gently.

In our JEC pieces once we get to phase 8 and 9 there are larger size designs to choose from (the embroidered area of TS is about 19x13 inches) and the amount of time these pieces take to embroider is, as much as anything, something we have to learn. I tend to embroider fairly quickly but this one has really slowed me down. The 300+ hours it will eventually take has taught me some interesting things.

Although I love these larger pieces I don't know that I want to spend this much time on too many designs so I will have to choose larger designs very carefully. Breaking TS into smaller units and concentrating on one at a time worked well, so this will be a good way to approach the larger pieces. But I wildly under estimated the time this piece would take, it looked so simple!!! And, given my dreams of eventually selling some of my own embroidery designs, I need to be realistic about timescales and therefore costings (300+ hours at £15/hour=?!).

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