Sunday, 28 June 2009

No posts for a while

The extra blue silk for braided chrysanthemum arrived so I've finished it off. Only took a couple of extra hours. Off out to buy some foam core this afternoon so I can take it off the frame. Treasure ship is completed and off the frame. Actually I went back and added some extra stitching to the shippo design on the sail. It's not on this picture as I've not taken any more photos. So that's it for a few weeks - my phase 10 and teacher class starts at the beginning of August so I am not going to be posting for a while, well here anyway might post over on the Japanese embroidery blog. I do have a piece on the go, it's a design of my own and is for an on-line exhibition for the Hand Embroidery Network. Because it's for the exhibition I'm not going to post anything until after the exhibition is completed. I'm keeping a notebook/sketch book type thing so I'm sure will have lots to post after it is all over. I'll be back mid August after teachers class and phase 10, hope to have lots of photos to share. Happy stitching.


Elmsley Rose said...

Congratulations on finishing the chyranthemum and treasure ship!

I'll look forward to when you come back

Jackie said...

Good luck with teachers class and Phase 10, I look forward to seeing loads of pictures

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