Monday, 26 October 2009

The challenge continues

Spent four days last week in the company of some stitching friends old and new and had a great time. Didn't get much time to stitch myself but I did make some progress on the JE challenge.

I completed the stitch transfer outlining the inro, then put in some padding.
I couched some holding threads down over the padding. There are three layers of padding and I wanted to make sure that it doesn't buckle under the silk once it comes off the frame.
I had a long conversation with my friend Denise about the colour scheme for this piece. We looked at a number of pictures of inro and decided it needed a very simple colour scheme so I ended up scrapping the original version and decided to make it just back and gold. Good job I kept the gold really as I'd already made the cord for this!

My original plan had been to embroider the foundation in flat silk, and when I decided to change the foundation to black I thought I would include a gold thread to add a bit more texture. I've used this technique before in one of my early phases (see photo below) and it gives a lovely finish.

I tried this with the black thread but I think the lines of gold are two regular and it doesn't work the same. Might be something to do with the colour combination of course, the gold doesn't stand out quite as much on the orange. I'm still in two minds about this, I really want the sheen of the flat silk but I don't want the gold to stand out quite so much. I might increase the ratio of silk to gold to see if that makes a difference, otherwise I'll have to go with a twisted foundation.

I also couched down the braid I've made along the edges of the inro, this will be covered with the embroidered foundation and then I'll add some couched threads to add to the shape of the whole piece. Back soon(ish) with an update.


coral-seas said...

I found the conversations about the background very interesting. I hope that you can make this black/gold foundation work the way that you want it to be, I think it will be beautiful.

This is going to be a unique and lovely design.

Susie said...

Looking forward to seeing the results of this, you will get it just right, you always do!

Sue said...

Loved chatting to you about it and looking forward to seeing it finished but I love seeing the working progess pictures Sue X

Lutine said...

Wahoo it is very interresting !!

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