Saturday, 7 November 2009

The story continues ...

... so I've got a bit further on the JE challenge piece. I completed the foundation and am pleased with how it has turned out. To make the top a bit different I embroidered it at a different angle to the side.Using flat silk I embroidered the inside of the inro. This red works really well, and is a great contrast to the black outside. In went the temporary holding.
And then over the top I used a stitch transfer to outline the plum blossoms and fan.
Embroidering the plum blossoms has proved a bit more of a challenge, but this is a challenge piece after all. Originally I wanted to work the plum blossoms in white silk, then I changed my mind and decided I would use gold.
As these plums are only very small, less than 1cm across, I decided I would embroider them using a simple style, like this one on a haori jacket from Ichiroya (click on the picture to see the whole jacket).
After some exprimentation I finally settled on using twisted gold for the plums.
I am outlining them in #3 gold to give them a little more definition. It's hard work embroidering motifs which are this small, so decided to have a break until tomorrow. No work this weekend, so might be able to get the plums completed tomorrow, we'll see.
While I was looking for a nice picture of an embroidered plum on Ichiroya not only did I find the lovely jacket above, but I found the one below which is decorated with some very nice hand embroidery. Both are silk haori jackets and both a bargain at only $18. Follow the links to Ichiroya for more information.
Kimono and haori often have very beautiful linings, this one has a lovely shell box design on the lining.
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