Friday, 4 December 2009

And then there was more ...

Well it's been a while and progress has been slow, but it continues slowly and surely. On the challenge piece I've completed the plums, just have to give them all an outline. I had various ideas on how to decorate the other portion of the fan, but couldn't decide which one to use. In the end I went with a curly version which I think works quite well. Above is the paper pattern which has been embroidered over the top, and below with the tissue paper in the process of being removed.
As regular visitors will know I've been avoiding working on Kusudama until I got my head on straight as life has been a bit fraught over the last couple of months.
A few days after I did the work above I went to spend a few days with my tutor, Margaret, at her house near the sea. Now the south coast in the UK should have better weather than the north west even in November, sadly this wasn't the case, but I didn't care I was in seventh heaven. A friend to talk JE to all day, a library of fabulous books to raid, a house filled to the rafters with treasures to explore, and a new friend - gorgeous George.
And although George did develop quite an interest in my toes, my own fault for forgetting to pack my slippers(!), I had a wonderful time. Lovely to be by the sea, even in rotten weather, to spend time with Margaret who never stints to share her love of Japanese embroidery, her skill and knowledge, and the aforementioned library of books and treasures, with all of her students and friends. I returned home in yet more rain (where does it all come from) inspired and energised and ready to stitch. I put aside the challenge piece and went back to Kusudama, and I have to say it is all going very well. I'm very pleased with what I've done so far and am looking forward to this weekend with no work and lots of stitching hours. First I worked a chrysanthemum. Then a pine with a sayagata pattern over the top.
This is the completed pine, it's a lovely shade of green and the flat foundation looks lovely. The sayagata pattern is worked with one strand of twisted gold.
I also worked a pale pink plum blossom in flat silk, which had some of the dreaded short stitch holding over the top. Only takes a few stitches on each petal though, so it wasn't so bad. Also worked a plum in twisted silk, and another pine with a twisted foundation. The plum buds are embroidered in the same colour as the plum with some self padding underneath. Since taking these photos I've put in the diagonal holding on the pine and have completed the third camellia and its leaves. More pictures and progress to come after the weekend, happy stitching. And before I forget for any doggie fans out there, George is a sussex spaniel.


Lutine said...

Oh It so Wonderful !
Good job :)

Susie said...

Jane, I am in awe of all your work it is so beautiful,looking forward to the next update....

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