Sunday, 6 December 2009

A weekend of embroidery

I spent most of this weekend doing more work on Kusudama which is progressing very nicely. It doesn't seem like a lot of work looking at the photos, but all these techniques have a number of layers so each one takes quite a time to complete. This plum blossom shape is worked in a pattern which represents the famous shibori dyeing technique. This pattern is almost always worked with a white foundation in flat silk which fills in the shape, then a twisted thread is used to form a square grid and, in this variation, the incomplete squares round the outside are filled in. The shibori effect is completed with smaller stitches in the middle of the squares and at the cross over of the lattice.
Another flat foundation in a cherry blossom shape, with the start of a flax leaf pattern.
For a touch of extra colour I used shell gold to form this flax leaf pattern and outlined the shape with #4 silver.
All these motifs are from the background flower ball and none of them are worked in a realistic colour scheme, so why not have a nice purple maple leaf I thought.
This bell flower is outlined with a katayori thread and filled in with sagara nui (knots).
Ultimately all five of the larger sections will be filled in with knots.
I also worked half of another bell flower shape with #4 silver.
I am enjoying this piece very much. It is nice to go back and review a lot of techniques that I haven't used in a while.


Elmsley Rose said...


coral-seas said...

Jane, this is looking lovely. The green and mauve is one of my favourite colour combinations and the stitching on the maple leaf gorgous. I can see why you are enjoying it. It is going to be amazing when you have finished it.

Lutine said...

Oh it is beautifull
It is a lot of work !!!

Plays with Needles said...

Jane, your kusudama is looking beautiful!!! And I love love love the gold fabric of your looks like a very special one...keep it up!!

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