Sunday, 28 March 2010

Kusudama, almost finished.

My plan to have Kusudama completed for our next class (end of April) seems to be going well. The extra silks have arrived so I should have enough now to complete everything. Finished the 3D effect and the silver bamboo leaves. Put stamens and pollen into the silver plum and have cracked the small gold bamboo leaves. They won't take long to complete. Stamens and pollen on the gold plum are complete. Have to put some outlines on the silver bell flower but I can't decide what colour to use, so I'm leaving it for a while. A start has been made on most all of the cords and strings.
The background ball is almost finished, just the small gold bamboo and the outline on the silver bell flower.
The foreground ball is completely finished.
So, we're getting there, slowly and surely.


molla said...

what a laborious, amazing effect!!!

Kris said...

I just want to say thank you for this series of posts. I had my phase X class right after you must have had yours, and watching your progress has been both really exciting and kinda depressing at times. I put a lot of other things off to get to that X class in a good position, so after it I had a lot of things waiting for me, and could not give my Dbl. Cypress the attention you were able to give your Kusudama. I would keep your blog up on my computer like a promise that I was getting to a point where I could do the same. Thank you.

Plays with Needles said...

Breathtaking Jane!!!!!!!

It's an absolute stunner...and the overall effect knocks me off my chair. You will indeed finish by the end of April. Wow!

Jane said...

Thank you for the comments. I'm glad you are enjoying the posts Kris. It has been such an enjoyable piece, so much fun to go over all the techniques.
I'm sure you'll get back to Dble cypress fans soon, a couple of the ladies in our phase 10 were doing that one and it is lovely. One of the ladies from France was embroidering it onto a gold nishijin obi for her daughter in law - stunning.

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