Friday, 2 April 2010

The End

Kusudama is finished.
This post marks the end of a most interesting journey and also the beginning of a new one. I was going to use this post to say thank you to everyone who has travelled with me on my journey and to the tutors. students and wonderful friends who I have met along the way.
However it all got complicated and a bit emotional so I've decided just to post a picture of the completed piece and let it speak for itself. I must say one thank you to Massa san who designed the colour scheme which is wonderful. I'll try and get a better photo which will show it off in its full glory.


Christa Evans said...

Jane, it is GORGEOUS! I don't blame you for getting a little emotion with this huge accomplishment. Many thanks for sharing the completed picture on the blog.

Alena said...


coral-seas said...

The Beginning!

I know that I have not been with you since the very beginning, but I feel honoured to have followed most of your journey. I have always viewed your work with great admiration. Your knowledge of and empathy for Japanese Embroidery is as great as your skill with a needle. You are going to be an inspirational tutor. Lucky those who study Nuido with you.

Thank you, particularly, for the part of your journey that you have shared with us through this blog.

I feel emotional for you and am so delighted that you are about to step out on what I hope will be an even more amazing journey.

Bon Voyage but not adieu, my friend.

Lutine said...

Congratulation !
It is wonderful !

Jackie said...

Well done Jane, it looks amazing, congratulations on finishing it.

Look forward to seeing it for real, where I am sure it will be even more beautiful.

Silver Sisters said...

It is gorgeous!

Plays with Needles said...

Imagine the TRUMPET BLASTS and the CORONATION Bells!!!! They are going off in my head as I gaze on your absolutely breathtaking Kusudama!!!@

Your work is an absolute joy to behold and I can see where this piece is truly a treasure...the perfect ending for your new beginning....

Maybe I'll be your student one day!! I just HAVE to get to the UK soon to meet this piece in person!

Congratulations dear Jane! It's a masterpiece!

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