Monday, 14 June 2010

Flowers, Yoyo san, and 100 posts.

My first post here was on 3rd November 2007, this is my 100th. I feel I should mark it in some way with some kind of witty remark, but I can't think of any so I'm just going to give you a progress report on Yoyo san.

The flowers that were bugging me in the last post continued to bug me so this Sunday out they came. I really liked the colour but the scale was just wrong.

For the original flowers I'd tried blister stitches, this time I had a play with knots and long legged knots, but I still wasn't happy with them. So then I tried just a very small flower made with 2-1 flat silk and with only 3 stitches to form each petal.

This turned out well, so this is how they are being done. It's difficult to get all the petals an exact match with no pattern or transfer underneath to match them to, but actually I don't mind this as petals on real flowers aren't always an exact match. The little buds were done with just two or three stitches of the same thread, I put a stitch underneath each of these going in the opposite direction so the top stitch didn't sink into the foundation. I also put in a higaki pattern on two sections of the kimono.
So here she is so far, a few more flowers need to go in, but I'm liking how they look and am happy with this now. Was talking to a couple of friends and fellow stitchers about this piece last night and they were asking about scale, so for anyone else who would like to know, she measures about 8" from the top of her head to edge of kimono.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Congratulations on Post 100!

I've enjoyed each and every one. It is fascinating to learn about JE and wonderful to see each project grow. The techniques are very different from my own crewel embroidery and needlepoint and very inspiring.

Rachel said...

This is looking splendid - and Congratulations on Post 100!

Lutine said...

Wonderful !

Christa Evans said...

Jane, your flowers are splendid. Just love the color. Isn't it amazing how liberating pulling out and putting in new/different is? The three stitches in flat for each petal looks very delicate, not bulky like the knots.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and thank you for 100 lovely reads and I am looking forward to the next 100 Speak to you later sue XX

coral-seas said...

I know I left a comment the other day but it is not here. I don't know what I did wrong, sometimes this technology stuff is too much for a bear of very little brain!

I like the first flowers but, as usual, you are right; these are more in scale with the design.

Can't believe this is only post 100, it feels like you have been her for ever sharing your beautiful embroidery and designs with us.

Here's to the next 100.

Jackie said...

She is looking really beautiful, you are so inspiring, look forward to the next 100 posts

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