Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Not much going on here

It's been a bit quiet here for the last couple of weeks. Having some building work done, so everything is staying covered up and away from the dust. I did manage to get some work done over the bank holiday weekend though. As I said in my last post, I love flat silk. But over the years I've only bought silk as and when I've needed it, so the stock I have is either what was left over or what I've bought and not used. Now I'm starting to work on my own designs I want to stock up on all the different colours so when it comes to choosing colours I have a reasonable number colours to choose from. So, I treated myself to some new storage draws from Staples. They work really well, just the right size to take about 8 or 10 reels of JEC silk. I'm gradually ordering a few reels at a time to get them filled up. Over the weekend I did some more work on Yoyo san. Going round some of the curves has been an interesting exercise. Making sure the curves are worked in a clockwise direction so I can get a nice sharp start and finish point. It made me stop and think and consider the best way to work each section. One of the advantages/disadvantages (depending on how you look at it) of working a design for the first time - there isn't anyone to tell you how to do it. It's a great learning exercise though. The top section on this bit was worked top to bottom, clockwise, the bottom section worked bottom to top, also clockwise, and they joined in the middle. I realised that I'd put in the wrong colour (from my original colour scheme) for one of the under kimono. I used white instead of #201. I did consider leaving the white, but once I'd realised I'd use the wrong colour it started to bug me. Nothing for it but to take it out and re-do it in the correct colour. I'm glad I did I prefer the contrast of the soft cream rather than the white. So here she is so far. I've taken out the temporary hold threads temporarily! It was difficult to get a sense of how she looked with all the lines in. I'd put them in at 5mm intervals rather than 1cm because of the length of the stitches. Next job, putting the temporary holding back in, superimposing the pine trees, then every ones favorite - short stitch holding ;-).


Christa Evans said...

Hey Jane,

Storage is ALWAYS a huge issue for me. What are the storage boxes you have found at Staples? Do you like that you can not see through the front of them? Also, can you remove the drawers for easy transport over to your design?

Yoyo san is gorgeous. She looks like she is doing some sort of special dance with out her yoyos :).

Thank you for sharing!

Sue said...

You have a tidy house I have a tidy house what is happening with the world :-)) Like your storage boxes. I think you Yoyo San is amazing I love the colours and the flat silk is beautiful. LOL Sue XX

Jane said...

I'd just like to add a disclaimer following Sue's comment. I never said the house was tidy, just that I'd re-organised the silk threads. The rest of the house is in it's usual state of organised chaos!!

In reply to Christa, I only have JEC silk thread, so it doesn't matter that I can't see what is in the drawers, they all have the thread numbers on the front anyway.

Elizabeth Braun said...

Hello Jane!

I sympathise and I have all that to look forward to in just over 3 months' time.... I'm hoping we can pay for decorating when we find a new place so that we don't have to live in a work-in-progress and can just get back on with life quickly.

Anyway, with a view to the future, how big are those drawers? They seem quite small if they only hold 8-10 reels of silk. I'm interested in thread/stash storage soloutions for when I get my own room soon.!=)

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