Sunday, 6 June 2010

Yoyo san changes

It occurred to me last week that perhaps yoyo meant something rude in Japanese, so before I went to our stitching day on Friday I emailed my friend and fellow Japanese embroiderer (who also happens to be Japanese), Michiko, to ask if yoyo meant anything in Japanese and what yoyos were called in Japanese.
Turns out that the Japanese for yoyo is yoyo!
Michiko looked up some history for me, yoyos started off being called teguruma, which translates literally as hand wheel. Over time the name changed to ote gruma which is a softer, more feminine wording.
There are wood block prints dated 1720 which are titled ote gruma uri (yoyo seller).
Through a trader named Chocho no teguruma whose trade with the Dutch included yoyos the name changed from ote gruma to yoyo.
On our stitching day I put back in all the temporary holding, it's a very tedious job but it has to be done. After putting the temporary holding in I stitched the yoyo.
The front of the yoyo has two layers of self padding. I used the same colour as I used for the obi but made the top layer horizontal instead of vertical. This will change the shade of the colour as the light will catch it differently than the obi.
Then I made a 1-1 tight twist and couched that in for the string.
So, Yoyo san has her yoyo.
Onto the pines - this is where I started to change things. I went back to the line drawing and traced the pines so I could superimpose them onto the flat silk. I still hadn't figured out how I was going to stitch the pines. Then while looking at the design it occurred to me that the little circles on the design are how plum buds are usually represented, so maybe the tree wasn't a pine but a plum, or maybe some other kind of tree with flowers?
So, perhaps I could do the buds as knots and the little flower shapes could be done as blister stitches. So I dug out some plum colour thread, made up a twist and started putting in the knots.
I'm not entirely happy with these flowers, I think they are too big. Not sure what to do with them, they'll probably end up coming out. Going to live with them for a few days to see how I feel.


coral-seas said...

This is such a lovely design, Jane and you are stitching her beautifully. Looking at the last photo I don't find the flowers too big. I find the four petals a little strange but perhaps that is because I am so used to seeing cherry and ume with five petals.

Rachel said...

So glad I'm not the only one to prop something up and live with it while I work out whether I've got it right!

Lutine said...

It is so nice !!

Elmsley Rose said...

I don't think that the flowers are too big :-)

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