Saturday, 10 July 2010

Some changes

Well it's been a couple of weeks, I made some progress on Yoyo san but I decided the some of the stitching wasn't as good as it should have been. The tight twists highlighting the folds in her kimono were not even, I'd had to make a second lot and the twist was different to the first one. This is a pretty basic stuff and really I should not have made this error. I also decided that the lines didn't define the folds in the fabric enough. I used the same colour as on the kimono and it just didn't stand out enough. I hit the bookshelves looking for some examples from JEC pieces. As you can see in the example below the lines have been made using a completely different colour. I didn't want the lines to be dark as this but I did want to make them more obvious. So, I took all the couched tight twist out, twisted up some more in one shade darker and couched it all back in. I'm much happier with this. The twist is much better and the colour is just dark enough to make a difference. I also took out the tight twist on the obi, the colour on this was ok, but I didn't like the twist. Made some more and put it back in. Today I made progress on Yoyo san's face, hair, comb and hair pins. I put in her features using a 1/2 twist of black thread.

After putting short stitch holding on her face and hair I couched some 2-1 twist onto the hair to give a bit of shape. It doesn't show up very much on the photo but it works well in real life. The two hair pins here were worked in flat silk, the third pin was worked in a light gold metallic.

Not much left to do now on this little piece, just some more couching on the obi, then the background which won't take long to do as it is just lines of held thread. The horizontal marks are where the temporary holding was, they will disappear with the steaming in the finishing process.


Rachel said...

It is fascinating to watch this piece develop, and I am very impressed with your care and attention to detail.

Elmsley Rose said...

Wow! Lovely!
I feel that I ought to say more, but that about covers it :-)

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