Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Good news, bad news

Very busy first couple of days this week, I've been doing some overtime at work, good news; sadly no overtime available today, bad news; instead been working on some new designs, very good news.
Regular readers may remember I did a number of posts about this piece a while ago.
I love peonies, they come in such lovely colours and seeing them always cheers me up. I have two peony plants in pots in my yard, they flower every year, just one bloom on each, but for the short time they last they are glorious.
So, thought I, why not do a pattern of a perfect peony, so I have. :-)
Available as a PDF from my Etsy shop.


Rachel said...

That looks gorgeous. Now I've seen Yoyo-san for real it is easier to imagine from the photo what the embroidery will look like in real life!

coral-seas said...

That explains why I didn't spot this in your Etsy shop before :-)

I think this design is perfectly named.

Sue said...

Beautiful I love Peonies, maybe have some in the linking garden :-)) I going to love stitching this design. Thank you Sue XX

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