Friday, 29 October 2010

Classes, students, finishing, starting, and continuing

Well, that was a bit of a busy couple of months, so much has been going on. Some things on the work front went a bit pear shaped, but have now been resolved (thank goodness). I've been both student and teacher, there have been some progress on pieces, pieces started, and pieces finished.
At the end of September I was lucky enough to attend a gold leafing class with Midori Matsushima, I've blogged about it over here, this was a brilliant day and has given me a whole load of new ideas which are buzzing around in the back of my head.
I'm going to let them buzz for a while so watch this space for progress.
Following on from the gold leafing I was in Bournemouth attending a five day JE class as a student. This was great, it was lovely to be a student again, the last class I went to as a student was my phase 10 and teacher class last August so it's been a while. It was great to catch up with all the other students, to see what they have been doing while I've been MIA.
I didn't get lots of pictures, too busy catching up and stitching! However, Carol (above) and Pat (below) kindly let me take some pics of Sake Box and Double Cypress Fans. Both pieces are still in progress and are both are beautifully embroidered.
For some reason I didn't take any pictures of the whole class, but I did get this really nice one of our two tutors, Margaret and Denise, choosing colours for a new piece of Denise's. The piece is going to be based on an old obi design sheet and I think it is going to be stunning when complete. Denise has found some fabulous fabric which is just perfect. I'll share photos when I have them.
I had a great week and following on from a very difficult few weeks at work it was lovely to be in class, just what I needed. Thank you to everyone for making it such a great week.
Fast forward a couple of weeks to Japan Day 2010, organized by Japan Society North West. It was a very good day, loads of visitors. It was so busy in fact, that I couldn't get out from behind our little space to take photos from the front.
Above we have Sue demonstrating Japanese Beading, and the back of Jennifer's head who was demonstrating Japanese embroidery. Below a photo of Michiko, one of our JE students, in a lovely shibori kimono. This time she was demonstrating how to make kanzashi flowers from silk.
A few days after Japan Day we had our JE classes in Garstang. This time I was 'Miss' (which started as a joke from my stitching friends after I'd graduated to being a tutor but seems to have stuck ;-)). This class marked our 2nd anniversary of running classes in Garstang. It is quite amazing how this class has developed over this time, students are moving on up the phases and are producing lovely work.
This time we were joined by three more advanced students which is great for the newer students as they are able to see more advanced pieces and chat to the other students about their experiences.
I am so pleased and proud to be part of this growing group of Japanese embroiderers. It is wonderful to see the students develop and grow in confidence in their stitching. It makes me proud to think that I can help them on their own journey.
We had three pieces finished during class, Michiko and Jennifer both finished Bouquet and started on Hiogi.
Colleen finished Hiogi and started on a practice piece.
I didn't get much stitching done during the class, but it didn't matter, I had a fabulous time and feel inspired and re-invigorated to continue with my stitching and designing.
White blossoms is coming on slowly, I've actually done quite a bit, but don't have any up to date photographs.
A while ago when visiting my tutor I discovered a lovely obi design sheet amongst her collection. As luck would have it I'd taken a tan of kimono silk with me to show her and to discuss what I might embroider onto it, and what do you know it was perfect for the obi design. Since then I've tweaked the design a bit to give it my own twist, figured out a colour list for threads, transferred the design onto the silk, and generally progressed. I took the completed framed up design with me to Bournemouth to have another discussion with Margaret about colours and techniques.
I had made plans for techniques but just wanted to run my ideas past her to get her opinion. I hadn't planned to start work on this one, but once I got home I couldn't resist ... my fingers were itching to put some stitches in. So here is my first maple.
I've done very little since, but I'm loving it and will share progress at it goes along.
At the class last week Denise brought along some obi and kimono silks and I got the section of fabric below. It is a section from the inside of an obi. There was only a short section dyed like this, so Carol-Anne and I shared it. They dye fades slightly differently on each section, and it'll be interesting to see what we both come up with to put onto this.
The colour fades from a soft creamy white to a dark charcoal grey. I have a plan already for this piece of fabric. Oh to win the lottery so I can give up work and get cracking on all these pieces!
Well that ended up being a much longer post than I had planned, but now I'm all caught up and will spend the weekend working on ..... oh dear, decisions decisions!
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