Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Mid-winter greetings

In the UK we really are having a 'bleak midwinter' with snow disrupting all kinds of things, traffic, work, holiday plans, schools. I seem to remember snow every year as a child but don't remember this disruption (maybe it was just because I was too small to notice).
Anyway on this, the shortest day of the year, I'd like to wish you all Happy Mid Winter Celebrations however you are choosing to party/stay warm/stitch/bead/quilt/celebrate.
And for the new year, I hope it brings you sharp needles and shiny threads.


coral-seas said...

I don't remember this disruption either but I think it was because everything was more local when I was young. School and shops were all within walking distance. Teachers and the shop keepers lived within walking distance, there were very few cars in the school carpark. My dad used to cycle to work.

I like the Christmas decorations but if you are trying to make Kusadame look better forget it, you'd be gilding the lily!

Have a wonderful Christmas. Happy stitching :-)

Rachel said...

I don't remember as much disruption either,, but then, I don't remember much snow where I grew up. I think I had one half-day off school due to weather in the entire period from age 5 to age 18!

Sue said...

I remeber the snow in the sixties and we had to walk home from school, not strange but it was ten miles :-) but I remeber it as fun and when I got home my parents were snowed in were they had gone so we kids were left at home alone with neighbours looking after us. Happy Christmas and New year to you, looking forward to a lot of stitching next year :-) LOL Sue N XX

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