Sunday, 20 February 2011

Blue Iris

Iris's are seen a lot in Japanese art and there are quite a number of pieces JEC and others which contain them. This piece is for my Godmother who is a keen embroiderer herself. This a birthday gift, but she doesn't have the internet so I'm safe showing the pictures here. Originally I thought I'd have a white iris on black, then I decided that cream with a touch of gold would be better, so I started to stitch that but decided I didn't like it, so out it came and I went back to the idea of white. Didn't like that either, too harsh on the black background. Off I went to search my threads and decided to go back to the classic blue. I've worked this piece in very simple techniques, flat silk with a bit of self padding and a little bit of twisted silk for the iris bud. I've said before that one of the things I love about Japanese embroidery is how the flat silk shines and creates different shades of colours. Although this piece started off slowly because I couldn't decide on the colours, once I did decide it's grown quite quickly. All that is left to do are the veins on the leaves. With a bit of luck I should get this finished next weekend then it can be delivered (a bit late but never mind).
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