Sunday, 17 April 2011

Chrysanthemums, shells, and foundations

We've been having some nice weather over the last couple of weeks, so this morning I took advantage of the sunshine to take some photographs of my shell box piece. Then I spent most of the day putting in some foundations, working and then re-working a chrysanthemum. I started off the day by working one of the pink and white chrysanthemums, you can just see it in the back right of this photo. I realised that I was almost out of 102 and when I raided my stash of threads found I didn't have anymore but I'd done enough of the petals so I could work the leaf and then go onto the foundation of the large shell. I'd had some discussion with my tutor while in Bournemouth for class a few weeks ago about the best way to work this section. Given the weight of the fabric we discussed whether this foundation should be worked with a twisted or flat silk, it's quite a big area. To keep the weight down and because I love flat silk (may have mentioned this before) I went for flat silk.
The sunshine showed off the flat silk to it's best advantage.
This is the other ball chrysanthemum worked with twisted silk.
Foundations and chrysanthemums. After looking at the chrysanthemum like this I decided it was a bit flat on one side, so when it got re-worked I added in some more petals on the left hand side.
Maples and shell box, more flat silk shining in the sunshine!!
This is where I was upto before I carried on with the foundations and chrysanthemums.
This was taken later in the day after I'd reworked the chrysanthemum and finished the foundation, still shiny even inside, have I mentioned how I love the effect of flat silk!!! I decided the chrysanthemum needed more orange so I had a bit of a colour change while putting in the extra petals. I'm thinking it's still a bit wonky on the left hand side so might to back and tweak this a bit.
One last photo fo the leaf veins I did before I decided I'd done enough for the day.
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