Saturday, 7 May 2011

Autumn shell box, progress on maples, chrysanthemums, and cord

Despite spending four days last week teaching at one of our twice yearly classes I have managed to make quite a lot of progress on the shell box piece. I only get chance to stitch in the evenings during class and never get much done then either. Too many people to talk to, questions to answer, or lovely things to look at. So, here we go, lots of pictures with updates my progress. Last time I posted I'd got as far as putting in these veins. I wasn't particularly happy with them so I left these and went to have a go on the other leaves.
This time I used shell powder rather than tracing paper to put on the transfer. I was surprised by how well it worked on the light blue silk.
These veins are a # 2 silver, I've couched them with a 1-2 silk in the same light blue as the silk. These have worked better this time, not sure if it was because of the shell powder transfer or because I used # 2 silver rather than a number #4.
I've re-stitched the small chrysanthemums but am still trying to figure out how to stitch the petal lines so I'll go back to these later.
I've also done some work on a section of the cord and tassel. This is 3mm wide, I wanted to make it very simple as there is so much colour in the rest of the piece. So I started with simple flat silk over a couched padding.
Two layers of padding for the tassel, one padding cotton and one silk.
A layer of horizontal silk to finish.
I decided this was too plain, but still didn't want to add much colour and I didn't want to make the cord with a distinct stripe so I made up a 1-1 twist and added that over the cord. It has added a touch of colour but not too much.
2-1 twists form the lines on the tassel. The lines were stitched and then couched into place.
Sagara nui (knots) added to the tassel.
I may have mentioned before how much I love flat silk thread. I'd pulled this thread off the reel and while I was selecting my needle it caught the light showing all the different colour variations as the thread curved.
The thread was for some more maples. There is a group of three which lie between the top and bottom sections of the design. Rather than using colour variation as in the other maples I decided to do these using the same colours but in solid colours.
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