Sunday, 26 June 2011

Autumn shell box

I've been living with this little shippo style since my last post.  I decided I didn't like it as the scale just seemed wrong.  I took it out and went back to the original.

This is a very small scale, the example here is only 3cm across, which means each little shippo is only 5mm wide - 1/2 the size of mine.

So, out it came and I re-did it on a much smaller scale (no pictures I'm afraid).  I still wasn't happy with it, the scale works but I wasn't happy with the embroidery or the colour.  The shapes show up much better on the white background.  I didn't want to introduce any more colours into the piece so I think I'm going to have to practice this on some kind of sample piece.

So out it came again and I've decided to do the outside of the shell box in a much simpler way, I've used the same size lattice as I've used for the tie dye on the large shell.
With simple knots in the centre.

I'm happy with how this has worked out, and it mirrors the tie dye on the large shell very well.
The colours of the tie dye on the large shell are a matched to each other. The lattice over the white foundation is actually the same colour as the other foundation.

We almost always work tie dye over a white foundation, but I have to say I do like the coloured background on this shell.  I think I may use this style of tie dye again. 

This piece is coming on quite quickly now. I've got all but one of the various sections sorted with techniques and colours. Just the outlines on the small chrysanthemums and shells to figure out now, but I've had an idea about this today so that will be the next thing to try out.

So here is where I'm up to now.


Rachel said...

It's delightful - and I particularly like the tie dye shell.

coral-seas said...

Wow, it really is coming along. From the outset I've liked the design and how you are doing it. The tie dye is beautifully done and looks very nice with the coloured foundation.

Elmsley Rose said...

Love the shell with the coloured background - that's especially special, I think!

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