Monday, 6 June 2011

Shell box and chrysanthemums

After our recent trip to Edinburgh, I felt inspired and was looking forward to getting back to my own embroidery.  I'd made some progress on the large chrysanthemums but was still not sure how the lower layers of petals would work.

I enjoy the challenge of taking a colour picture and turning it into an embroidery, but this chrysanthemum has been through about five or six different versions to get to this point.  In fact, even though I thought I'd got this right on a previous attempt I still wasn't sure about it and had been very near to giving up on this piece, but then came our trip to see Kusano san's work. Her kind encouragement to develop our own designs struck a chord in me and I came back with new energy and excitement.  I had one or two false starts for the background petals, but then it all clicked into place and suddenly, as if by magic ... 

I have a few more petals to do, but my fingers know what they are doing now with this so I was able to leave it and go onto another section - the lid for the shell box. 

It looks a bit wonky in the photo but it isn't really.  I thought I'd put a lattice design over the lid top, but then decided I didn't like it so it came out.

The guide lines on the sides of the lid is for the shippo design.  Rather than our usual way of doing this I'm working it like the example below.

First the main lines with a 2-1 twist. 

Then the holding lines to shape the main lines, black couching thread.

Then the stitches to fill in the centre.  I think I'll change the colour of these, there isn't enough contrast between the centre and the edge.  But for the moment it will stay in and I'll live with it a while.

I was going to do the flower on the top of the lid with a stitched transfer but then I thought I'd like to create some kind of embossed feel so I cut out the petal shapes in a light card and, after taking out the lattice, I tacked them onto the foundation. 

I'll need to put some short stitch holding on here to keep the foundation in place, but I had enough for today so will get back to that. I really like how this has worked out, I think it works really well.


coral-seas said...

Hi Jane

Kusano san certainly was inspiring and I understand why you felt a new flow of creativity when you returned home.

I love how the box is working out. The shippo partern is lovely and I am pleased to see you have used it. I especially like the top of the box. I used a paper template to stitch a heart once and love how crisp the motif turns out. It is particularly effective on your box lid and looks like it is inlaid. Stunning!

Rachel said...

Yes, it's turning out well. A good teacher or a good exhibition can really help to make ideas click into place!

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