Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Teeny tiny toadstools

As regular visitors will know I've been having a break from teeny tiny chrysanthemums, but not to stitch teeny tiny toadstools.  This teeny tiny toadstool is a gift to myself from myself and comes from the very talented hands of Gretel Parker who, on her blog, describes it as the home of the creator of ‘Puddletown Tales’, childrens illustrator, needle felter and toymaker living in a tiny cottage in the Cotswolds countryside, England. With cats.

Gretel makes the most wonderful needle felted sculptures, and I have long been in need of one (or maybe more!). One of these days the fates will collide and I will be able to commission a piece. The sculptures are in great demand as as soon as they appear in her Etsy shop they disappear.

At the weekend when I was having a little surf round the net and doing my usual visits to various blogs and websites and, oh joy, a wonderful teeny tiny toadstool had appeared in the shop.
So I bought him, and yesterday he arrived to live with me.

He is wonderful, from the teeny tiny seed beads to his teeny tiny cap. I love how the green moss is creeping up his trunk.

And here he is posing in front of two Puddle Town Tales books (French versions for my niece and nephew, but English is available, click on the picture for the link to Amazon) which feature more needle felt creations and illustrations from Gretel.

PS - Gretel will be having a book signing for Puddletown tales in Oxford soon - check out her website for details - do go along and say hello if you can. 


Gretel said...

Wow, thank you Jane, how lovely to see him in situ and arrived safely! Also, I didn't know that my second book was out in French too, which is good to know!) Thank you for such a blush making write up!

Gretel said...

(But arrghh, I see the caring Royal Mail have managed to squash the *rigid* box, it must have had something fairly heavy on it to make a dint like that!)

Jane said...

The dint looks worse than it is, the sides of the box didn't give way so only the top is dinted and TT Toadstool survived unharmed.

coral-seas said...

Ooooh Jane, you kept those quiet! I couldn't see a date for the book signing but if find out when and were, I'll go along and say hellow for you, if I'm able to.

Love the TT toadstool by the way :-)

Rachel said...

Aren't you lucky!

Sue said...

Beautiful liked you hint did you get an invite to Oxford??? one on the naughty four lives there :-)LOL Sue X

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