Sunday, 14 August 2011

Still here ...

... but progress has been slow.  It's been a busy few weeks, I've been doing some home improvements so everything is a bit chaotic, who knew I has so much stuff to move to put down new floors!.  Still, it has prompted my to do some sorting out so a load of stuff has gone to the British Heart Foundation (don't even ask how many bags of books I sent!).  None of my embroidery ones of course, but it was quite amazing how many I have gathered over the years. 

I've been to meet the lovely people from the Art and Craft Guild of Lancashire, and am very pleased and proud to announce that I'm now a part of this group of very talented artists and craftspeople.

A couple of weeks ago one of my stitching friends came for a visit and we and a couple of other friends spent a week stitching and planning new designs.  I made some progress on Autumn Shell Box and have worked out how all the sections are going to work, so it shouldn't be long now before it's finished.

I marked out the chrysanthemum motifs on the small shells and stitched it with #1 silver in line of staggered diagonals.  This technique will also be used for the small chrysanths.

I finished off the tie-dye section (I don't seem to have taken a picture of it completed, but it is done). I put in the top of the shell and the black foundation with a silver sayagata design. It wasn't until I took out the tissue paper from the sayagata that I realised it was wonky.  But it's staying in for now, it hasn't been couched down so it'll be fairly easy to take out and re-do.

I decided I liked the effect from the top of the shell box (in this post) so much that I'd try the same thing with the maples. I photo-copied the maples onto thin card, cut them out and then placed them where I thought they ought to go on the purple foundation.

Then tacked them all in place.

In this attempt I've used various colours which were used in the large maples. I really like it and it looks lovely but they will be coming out - well, all except the purple ones.  I've decided there are too many colours and I like the more subtle effect of the purple on purple.

Things will be quiet again for a couple of weeks until the new floors are sorted, everything is being packed away out of harms way.
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