Friday, 24 February 2012

Cherries and treasures

I have one slight fix to do on this piece but essentially it's finished. 

I've enjoyed this piece after spending so long in the design stage and waiting to find the right fabric it was nice to finally embroider it.  In the end it didn't take long and it was nice to work with simple techniques. 

Next job, get it photographed, framed and prints made, then it can go in the Gallery in time for our cherry blossom festival. A number of the artists from the Art and Craft Guild of Lancashire are taking part, producing pieces in celebration of the cherry blossom.  The exhibition will run from Easter weekend until the end of May. If you are in Lancashire (or even if you aren't) why not come along and say hello. 
I'll be doing an embroidery demo on Easter weekend (not sure which day yet) and then a JE workshop on 14th April.  Details will shortly be available on the Gallery website.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Hari-kuyo, festival of broken needles

Today is the festival of broken needles, traditionally on this day needles which have been broken throughout the year are laid to rest in the temple and thanks are given for them.

I've not broken any needles this year so don't have any to lay to rest, but I'd like to share with you this link to the very talented Susan Elliot who has developed a short e-course to make a little needle book to keep all your needles in (including the broken ones, which can then be laid to rest next year).

Have fun.

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