Sunday, 20 January 2013

Chrysanthemums and kangaroos

I've been keeping in out of the cold this weekend, doing some stitching and catching up on some blog reading.  I've also been thinking about my journey along the way of embroidery and how some designs seem to fight me all the way whilst others flow from my hand and needles as though stitching themselves.  Christmas Chrysanthemums is doing the latter, growing steadily with only a few changes here and there.

To give myself a break from all the padding and white silk on the petals I decided to fill in the centre of the flowers.  I've done this with 2 strands of #.8 gold, stitching just partly across the centre. I'll go back and put in a few knots later.
One of the few things I'm not sure about is the gold background, I put in a few random stitches (also in 2 strands of #.8 gold) but have taken them out again.  I quite like the effect but have decided I'll use only 1 strand of gold and I'll wait until all the flowers and leaves are done before I put this in.
A few more leaves have been added, they still need the veins.

This is about 1/2 the flowers, the others won't take long to do as they are much smaller.
In my blog reading last week I was catching up with Gretel Parker and her needle felting adventures.  She had posted about her new creation, Jack the kangaroo, who had been designed and made for an article in an Australian magazine - Felt.  Jack 1 had been sold, but I was lucky enough to manage to buy Jack 2 for myself.
A few days later I had a message from Gretel to say that Jack was on his way to the frozen north.  I'm pleased to say he survived his journey and seems to be settling into his new home.


I'm not sure where his final home will be, I'm going to have to move some things around.  At the moment he's on my bookshelf watching over my stitching chair and I'm very happy he's here.  Thank you Gretel.  


coral-seas said...

Hi Jack, I'm not sure how a kangaroo is going to fare in the frozen north but I know that you will get a warm welcome from Jane.

Jane, these chrysanthemums are gorgeous. I will have to come to you for some tips before I start on Phase IX.

Rachel said...

Welcome to Jack - I hope he continues to oversee your stitchery benignly!

Do you have any sense as to what makes the difference between a project that flows and one that stutters?

Jane said...

Hi Rachel, at the moment I don't have a sense of what makes a project flow. This may be because it's very early days still for designing and stitching my own ideas. Maybe more will become clear over time. I shall have to concentrate on this side of things a little more. J

☆sapphire said...

Your chrysanthemums look really lovely. I love the background color too. It looks like Akane-iro(the color of dawn?!).

Jane said...

Thank you Sapphire, now you mention it I can see just the colour you mean. That glorious orange when the sun is rising. Perhaps I should change the name of the piece to Colour of dawn!

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