Classes and Events

Details of classes/events/exhibitions can be found here. 

Embroiderers' Guild Talks - Chester 7th September 2011, Chelford 21st September 2011, Airdale 16th May 2012, Trent & Erewash 19th May 2012. For more information please contact the guild branches directly.

Phase classes North West - 27th-30th October 2011 and 19th-22nd April 2012, Crofters Hotel, Garstang
This class caters for all levels of tuition from Phase I to Phase X completion, Phases XI -XX and also Advanced and Challenge designs. I look forward to welcoming new or existing students at all levels.

Taster classes North West - 29th-30th October 2011 and 21st-22nd April 2012, Crofters Hotel, Garstang
A weekend introduction to Traditional Japanese Embroidery designed to give students a brief insight into some of the techniques used in Japanese embroidery. At the end of the weekend students will have a piece of work which they will be able to complete at home.

I am a graduate authorised tutor of the Japanese Embroidery Center, Atlanta, currently their only tutor in the North West of England.  If you are interested in taking classes but are not able to attend on the above dates it is possible to arrange private tuition, this can be on an individual basis or for a small group of two or three.
I am also happy to discuss running classes in other areas of Northern England.
Please contact me if you would like any more information.

If you would like to arrange a talk on Japanese embroidery for your group, please contact me.
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